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2020 Challenge Non Gym Based Program

Starting on Monday 2nd September 2019 - Register here 

This online program is set up to help you get into a routine, or back into a routine, by motivating you to take action and educating you how to progress with your health and fitness into 2020 and beyond!

Finding time for yourself isn't as straight forward as we'd like especially with today's family and work commitments.

We want to support you with the an online platform amoungst other likeminded people to achieving methods suited to your current set up and help you improve your health and overall fitness levels. 

You will be added to a private Facebook group where all the education and suggested nutrition and exercise methods will be delivered. We will be providing weekly live videos on subjects to help you with your mindset, nutrition, exercise, how to manage socials, planning and managing your days and weeks to ultimately improve your welbeing and confidence. 

We're aware that pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone is a tough hurdle to pass, we will be the support mechinism to help you over this. 

A big part of this platform will be the community built within the group. We will all be taking a fresh approach to our own welbeing together and supporting each other!

If this is something that appeals to you please click the link below to register your interest, or please email us at gianni@gianni.im

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