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Photoshoot Challenge 2018Registration Successful!


Thank you for registering your interest in the LAST Photoshoot challenge of 2018!

What is next...

By signing up to the challenge you will be added into our private Facebook group where there will be continuous support, updates and educational live videos as well as daily interaction to keep your motivation sky high!

The group is your safe area to discuss anything you‘re unsure of, or simply to have back and forwards with like minded people on the same pathway for the next 12 weeks!

You will be set up with your own personal online folder that will contain your nutrional & training guidance - this will be done via google drive. In the Facebook group there is a video tutorial on how to set up your folder once you have received an email with the link on. 

There will also be tutorials on the weekly check in process which is an essential part of the program - its a 15 minute process every Sunday morning.

At 4:00 pm on Sunday 16th September I will be going live in the group to go over some house rules, tips and considerations for the challenge & going over what you will need to expect from the training & nutritional design - as well as doing a Q&A... please try to be available!  

The Live will be saved in the group so you can re-watch it at anytime.

Registration & Payment

You have been successful with your registration - so for you to proceed & be approved into the facebook group (below) and then receive your training folder link you will need to make payment by either of the below methods:

* One off payment of £420.00 via bank transfer:

Mr G Fabrizio

HSBC - 40-19-38 - 43924726 or directly to my PayPal.Me account:


* An initial payment of £150.00 followed by 2 monthly payments of £150 - this can be paid for and a reoccurring payment will be set up via the payment link. 

Once payment is received you will be approved into the Facebook Group - link below and have your Online Folder link delivered to you via the email you registered with. 

Follow this link to join the Facebook group 

Still unsure?

Book a no commitment intro training or consultation session.

Your success
Mandy completed a 10 week leaning out program bolted onto my lifestyle package for holiday to OZ! She put in 9 months of structured development first so when leaning down we could reveal a healthy strong looking physique! - Mission accomplished!
Karen is on my lifestyle package where balance is absolute key - this is 9 months of incredible progress - she still maintained her social events and ran a very busy home and work life! can't wait to see her progress in another 9 months!
Karen, Office Manager, full- time Mum!
Lance Wyllie
Lance.... wow - the picture says it all! Lances' 4 month prep for 2016's Bodypower's UKBFF show...Killed it!
Lance Wyllie,
Shaun Wyllie
Shaun is a UKBFF Physique competitor...this year saw him smash his prep and take 4th place in his 2nd Show!
Shaun Wyllie,
Steve Ward
Steve took my Lifestyle Package on with vengeance! - His aim was to be in the best shape of his life for his 50th birthday... I'd say he completely nailed it! - This is only the start too ...
Steve Ward,
This turned out to be an 11 week transformation for a fitness photoshoot.... the first of many for Rachel, I couldn't be prouder of the girl!
This guy! - No stone left unturned.... the image speaks for itself! Steven's change of lifestyle has stuck and he's still looking in incredible shape! The process educates you to continue with your progress when out on your own!
Steven "Nice Shoe's" Wade , Office Worker
Ufuk Al
Ufuk has lost a total of 35kg - yes.. 35kg not pounds! What a transformation. This was start of his prep for his Pure Elite Competition where he earning Pro Status after winning the Transformation Category! - Incredible drive in this guys!
Ufuk Al, Buisness Owner
Louis Cannell
Louis hit the UKBFF Stage for the first time placing 4th - an incredible result for his first show! Another incredible demonstration of grinding it out chasing his ambitions!
Louis Cannell,
Michael Stroud
Michael was looking to shift those last few lbs to tighten up his awesome physique just that bit more. Sure enough, structured training and macro setting was implemented and bammm! - He went on to do my comp prep package!
Michael Stroud, Sales
Pure Elite Fitness Comp Team
Some of the girls & guys who hit the competition stage this year!
Pure Elite Fitness Comp Team,
Christa McKay
23 weeks of the Lifestyle package - Structure training plans, Flexible nutrition, Education. Consistency, patience and trusting the process!! Christa nailed it!
Christa McKay, Office Worker
66,789 kg Loads lifted a month... × 1,960,000 Steps walked every week... × 326.8kg Weight lost to date...