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Online CoachingLadies or Gents

Now welcoming new clients for online coaching for 2019.

Whether you have a new years resolution, a fitness goal for 2019 (fat loss / muscle development / a photoshoot / a physique competition), or you wish to improve your fitness, health and wellbeing, this programming will provide all the tools you need.

You will be provided with structured training programs, nutritional plans (with flexible options), weekly check ins and additional support as you need, (Gianni is available at all time via whatsap).

This programming does not include personal training sessions (these are treated separately), and the below considerations must be reviewed to make sure this is the right programme for you. To reach your full potential and to get the most out of this programming the following applies,

  • You will need to have at least 1 years weight training experience and must be familiar and competent in using free weights
  • You must be committed to the programme if you want results
  • Your training programme could include at least 3 weight training sessions and possibly up to 2-3 cardio routines (your programming is structured and built in accordance to your goals and starting point)
  • You will be expected to reach a daily step target of at least 10,000 steps
  • Nutritional guidelines will be provided and will be expected to be adhered to. Meal plan guidance will be provided. Ideally you will be familiar with the use of tracking apps such as My Fitness Pal
  • An online checkin form will be provided for you to submit EVERY Sunday. This is compulsory and ensures you are provided with any alterations if and when required
  • You must be in good health and have no injuries

There is no magic formula in this programming. It requires your dedication and focus. The results cannot be guaranteed. However, if the tools and methods that are provided are implemented entirely, you will make considerable improvements to your physique in accordance to your goals.

It is important to manage your own expectations, your results will rely on your goal and your starting point. As an example, to achieve a super lean physique in x weeks, you would need a fairly low body fat level to begin with.

Sign up process

Once you have signed up, Gianni will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a consultation, either in person or via video call (location dependent).

The consultation will assess the best starting program for you - whether a home based programme, or one more experienced. Not everyone is comfortable in a gym, therefore it is essential to pick the correct experience for you.

If I feel my services arent suitable for you I will FULLY refund you and refer you to a credible practitioner suitable for your goals and expectations.

I will need you to make a food dairy for 7 days before I can begin the nutritional guidelines, so please begin to diarise your daily food intake either on a note pad or via a food tracking app such as MyFitnessPal as soon as you sign up.

Time frame: From signing up to my online service to actually starting your program will vary from 10-14 days depending on how soon we can consult and if you are prompt in returning the required documentation after the consultation.

You will receive your program via a google drive link as mutally agreed by us during the consulation process.

This package is very much an educational program where I will demonstrate different methods of how to go about a healthier, managable and sustainble way of progressing yourself.

Please be aware this is a monthly subscirption program. I will give you 100% & I need the same in return. If you're serious about making a change then you've come to the right place!

It is a miniumum of 2 month commitment to this process.

Package details

- Consultation before the start of the process to clarify what you should expect from this programme, to answer any queries and ensure you are fully aware of what to expect (in person or via video call - location dependent)

- Weekly check in with full progress review (via voice response on Whatsap). This includes,

  • Full review of training
  • Full review of nutrition
  • Assessment for any changes

- New training programme every 4-6 weeks (depending on your goals and progress)

- Access to a Private Facebook Group with other members. This will provide you with a series of Facebook live videos and presentations to support you through the process. This platform provides you with a private forum to ask any questions in confidence (to Gianni or any more experienced members), group interaction is encouraged. This Facebook Group is where alot of the educational side of the process will come from - especially with the live video aspect.

Payment Options:

- Consultation: £20

- Administration fee: £60 (although if you have pre paid for the consultation this £20 will be deducted from this fee). This fee covers time spent for building the programs (training and nutrition). Payment is required before any programming begins.

- Monthly subscription: £99 (paid one month in advance)

Many thanks for taking the time to read through the details, hopefully this has helped clarify the way the programming will work. I look forward to hearing from you and meeting with you at our consultation.

Still unsure?

Book a no commitment intro training or consultation session.

Your success
Mandy completed a 10 week leaning out program bolted onto my lifestyle package for holiday to OZ! She put in 9 months of structured development first so when leaning down we could reveal a healthy strong looking physique! - Mission accomplished!
Karen is on my lifestyle package where balance is absolute key - this is 9 months of incredible progress - she still maintained her social events and ran a very busy home and work life! can't wait to see her progress in another 9 months!
Karen, Office Manager, full- time Mum!
Lance Wyllie
Lance.... wow - the picture says it all! Lances' 4 month prep for 2016's Bodypower's UKBFF show...Killed it!
Lance Wyllie,
Shaun Wyllie
Shaun is a UKBFF Physique competitor...this year saw him smash his prep and take 4th place in his 2nd Show!
Shaun Wyllie,
Steve Ward
Steve took my Lifestyle Package on with vengeance! - His aim was to be in the best shape of his life for his 50th birthday... I'd say he completely nailed it! - This is only the start too ...
Steve Ward,
This turned out to be an 11 week transformation for a fitness photoshoot.... the first of many for Rachel, I couldn't be prouder of the girl!
This guy! - No stone left unturned.... the image speaks for itself! Steven's change of lifestyle has stuck and he's still looking in incredible shape! The process educates you to continue with your progress when out on your own!
Steven "Nice Shoe's" Wade , Office Worker
Ufuk Al
Ufuk has lost a total of 35kg - yes.. 35kg not pounds! What a transformation. This was start of his prep for his Pure Elite Competition where he earning Pro Status after winning the Transformation Category! - Incredible drive in this guys!
Ufuk Al, Buisness Owner
Louis Cannell
Louis hit the UKBFF Stage for the first time placing 4th - an incredible result for his first show! Another incredible demonstration of grinding it out chasing his ambitions!
Louis Cannell,
Michael Stroud
Michael was looking to shift those last few lbs to tighten up his awesome physique just that bit more. Sure enough, structured training and macro setting was implemented and bammm! - He went on to do my comp prep package!
Michael Stroud, Sales
Pure Elite Fitness Comp Team
Some of the girls & guys who hit the competition stage this year!
Pure Elite Fitness Comp Team,
Christa McKay
23 weeks of the Lifestyle package - Structure training plans, Flexible nutrition, Education. Consistency, patience and trusting the process!! Christa nailed it!
Christa McKay, Office Worker
66,789 kg Loads lifted a month... × 1,960,000 Steps walked every week... × 326.8kg Weight lost to date...