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Photoshoot Package

The Photoshoot package is for ladies and gents who are looking to have a focused 12 week intense program to help you work towards a specific compositional goal! (change of bodyshape, reduced bodyfat levels)  

It's about you and bringing yourself to one of our fantastic photoshoot days with Pete Williamson Photography in YOUR best and PROUDEST physical state! It can be from dropping a dress size, a belt notch and as far as being comfortable in a bikini or swim shorts! 

The private Facebook group is where you will have plenty of support from not only us but the other participants on the same journey as yourself. We will have live videos and support focused around managing your day to day fitness goals to reflect your end result. We will be alot more ridgid than the online lifestyle package, however this is for your benefit!

This program WILL REQUIRE you to be able to commit to 4-5 Weight sessions a week as well as cardio based exercise. Having experience using free weights will be neccesary as you will be required to hit the ground running from Monday 15th Janaury, there is NO PERSONAL training included in this package.

You WILL HAVE TO "check-in" EVERY Sunday throughtout the 12 weeks so your progress can be monitored and any changes made if needed. 

You will be provided with nuritional guidelines (macronutrients) and example meal plans which MUST be adhered to so we can achieve your best possible YOU in the given time. 

All online programs will be done via dropbox using excel - It would be good to familarise yourself with this as you will have your own personal folder with all your programs for the duration. You will be able to keep the programs after the 12 weeks. 

There will be some sacrifice needed if you wish to have a sucessful 12 weeks - but don't worry - you can still eat some chocolate and bread, theres NO SUCH THING as chicken, brown rice and green beans in my nutritional guidelines! 

This will be a tough 12 weeks - however educational and very rewarding!

Before the photoshoot day Rachel my wife, Pete and I will provide infomation on outfits, posing, and what to expect on the day. Rachel and I will also take you through some posing so you have an idea of what to expect.  We will be there to put you into positions to compliment your physique, however some prior prcatice/understanding is always beneficial.

On Sunday 15th April 2018 we will have the photoshoot day with Pete Williamson.  You will have the option to have your hair and make-up done by Utopia and Purite at a fee of £50.00 payable to them. 

You WILL need to have a spray tan and I highly reccomend Donna Thompson at Heavenly Beauty.  She is aware of the type of tan we require for the shoot and has always done a fantastic job for all previous clientele. This will be £25.00 payable to her. 

This will be your time in front of the camera to showcase your best! There is a fee of £100.00 for Pete that must be paid prior to the shoot. He will provide you with as many high resolution images as he can. The amount of images you will receive we will discuss during the infomation day.

After you have signed up and joined the Facebook group there will be a live video on Sunday 7th January the week before you receive your plans to go over the 12 weeks, check in process, house rules and to answer any questions you might have. I will also do one on Sunday 14th just before we start!

We look forward to welcoming you onboard and supporting you on your 12 weeks transformation challenge!  

Registration & Payment

There is a one off payment of £360.

To secure your place, click 'Register' below, complete a short form and then make payment via the 'Go Photoshoot Package' button on the right.

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