Levelling up for an event

A coach assisted package designed to have you feel fantastic for any party or event.

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Package Details

Sometimes a quick tidy up is all that's needed or even a short sharp burst where you can really focus to realign your mind to then carry the momentum forward to more of a sustainable way of fitness. 

The 8 weeks is very much a lock in to get maximal results to bring out the best in you!

This would be ideal for anyone that needs a sharp pick up to make some awesome changes in a short time frame.

This wouldn't be a set up we'd recommend for long term. 

As usual, its bespoke to your lifestyle and will be tailored realistically so you can get the best out the program. 

Package Length: From 8 weeks+

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What's Included

  • Bespoke training programs
  • Customised nutrition
  • Weekly accountability
  • WhatsApp support
  • Access to our educational portal
  • Conister Bank Finance Options

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