Ladies Summer Vibes

Ladies specific Summer program to really work on building those curves and bringing out that tone you've always wanted!

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Package Details

So many more women are seeing and feeling the benefits of lifting weights, so we have a program specifically for you!

More specific glute, shoulder and back training, considerations around your menstrual cycle (which is huge for us on all our ladies programs)

During the call we'll determined what style of exercise/training is going to suit your busy schedule, how many days a week you need, what cardio you need and don't need and when, as well as the most effective way to set up your nutrition top suit your busy day.

Support from your very own coach with daily and weekly targets

We will map it all out for you and remember, we aren't a hammer and nail approach, we will work with what you can do and give you the appropriate encouragement when its needed to ensure you get the results you're invested in!

Package Length: 90 Days

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What's Included

  • Bespoke training programs
  • Customised nutrition
  • Weekly accountability
  • WhatsApp support
  • Access to our educational portal
  • Conister Bank Finance Options

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