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WBFF Pro Muscle Model, Ex - Police Officer, currently delivering his passion within health & fitness - personal training, specialising in body transformations and lifestyle improvements for general welbeing.

I get a huge sense of achievement working alongside clients who are enthusiastic in making a positive change, are keen to draw as much education from me to be able to go off on their own one day and manage their very own progress by themselves.

The day a client say's, "Thank you, I understand what you have taught me, I'm feeling confident enough now to manage on my own now!"  This for me is a massive success in that I have delivered a service that has impacted someones life physically and mentally for them to manage without any professional guidence.  

With any new client one of the areas I start with is their daily habits, working with them to find out what triggers them to perform or react to certain situations.  I don't see how any coach can take an investment from a willing client and not educate them on how to change these important factors.

You need to have the foundations solid before building on top of them ... otherwise what happens.... it will likely fall down! 

Personally: I now represent The WBFF as Professional Muscle Model. I have prepped for 21 professional photoshoots to date & competed 8 times competitivley at International level.  WBFF Rhode Island New York, 2 WBFF European Championships, Atlantic City and BodyPower's FitFactor,  

I do offer competition preparation packages having had the experiences I can relate well; as competition prep is very stresful not only on the body but more so on the mind.

Below are a list of some of the success I've had coaching several clients for fitness competions

4 x Pure Elite Amateur fitness models to Professional Status

2 x UKBFF Mens Physique 4th Place

UKBFF Mens Physique 3rd place

UKBFF Body Fitness 3rd Place 

Miami Pro Bikini Class 5th Place


My main focus is HEALTHY RESULTS for anyone who puts their trust in me.  I will work with them and their day to day schedule supporting them to reach the target set in the most sustainable and realistic way possible." 

"I can't and I won't guarantee results.... this is said too often and can generate false hope - however I can guarantee that I will provide you with the tools that will get you results should you choose to implement them to the letter!