We’ll help you understand how to achieve your health and physique goals.

Your very own coach means exactly that, whether you decide to come onboard as a monthly member or for a certain coaching package you will have a dedicated coach to work with you towards achieving your health and physique goals.

All of our coaches use tools that have been proven to get results. Tools that have been developed over the last 7 years since Gianni.im was established in 2015. The processes and applications that we use are continuously monitored and analysed to ensure we have the best options available for you. 

All of our coaching packages and monthly memberships start with a complimentary chat with you so we can find more about you and your goals. Everything we offer to you is entirely bespoke and tailored for you. We create your programming to work within your lifestyle, not against it. We see our coaching as a compliment to add to your existing lifestyle, to create a positive impact to your life. 

Should you decide to join, you will receive a welcome pack with the following,

  • Set up in our online check in system
  • Access to our training app with a bespoke training program
  • Access to a bespoke nutritional set up

You will be set weekly goals and expected to check in with your own coach weekly. These goals may develop and change as we progress although at the start we generally ask to stick as well as can be to the programming so we can evaluate your progress. Ideally our coaching packages are for a minimum of 12 weeks / 3 months to allow for the best results, however we do occasionally offer a reduced time period for select packages.

New self coaching platform!

We have something really exciting in the pipeline as we develop an online learning platform that will be available for 2023. As a monthly member or as part of our coaching packages you will have full access to our education modules which will include subjects such as 'how to maximise tracking tools such as MyFitnessPal', 'Menstrual cycle' and 'Managing socials'. 

Our self coaching platform will also offer education in various subjects from our own coaches and external professionals where you can invest in one off purchases direct from the site. Each purchase will provide unlimited access to the selected course to allow you to learn in your own time at your own pace. Similarly to our coaching packages these will be subjects with a goal to create a positive impact on your lives. 

"We do this to create a positive impact on other peoples lives."

More Energy Stronger Better Healthier

    Gianni Fabrizio

    Gianni founded Gianni.im in 2015 to coach anyone who wanted to turn their health around and learn about making sustainable changes to their lives which in turn HE KNEW would have an incredible impact on everything and everyone around them!

    The biggest focus is education; teach someone how to fish, they will never ever go hungry again opposed to just showing them how to catch one!

    Same principle with fitness coaching. Ensuring everything is transparent, giving the exact tools he uses and supports the client so they can be in a position to graduate and manage solo! - "Now that is success from a coaches perspective!"

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    Olivia Helmer

    Professional Dancer, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Online Fitness Consultant.

    Olivia joined gianni.im in October 2021 and has continued to develop her education whilst managing her own one to one personal training sessions and fitness classes, locally on the Isle of Man.

    Olivia first found her love for the gym whilst training at Dance College, six years ago.  It was during this time that she discovered a passion for supporting and helping others with exercise and fitness, so decided to pursue her Personal Training Qualifications with The London Muscle Academy.

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12 weeks


Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd attempt a '12 week transformation', mainly due to thinking I'd never fully be able to commit due to normal life constraints - work, social gatherings, my love of beer! However, I hesitantly contacted Gianni about his up and coming 12 week course back in January after an over indulged Christmas, and before I knew it I'd signed up to what seemed like the most daunting experience (in my eyes!) I could imagine!

Day 1 arrives and I'm bricking it wondering 'what have I signed up for' and immediately felt defeated and overwhelmed. Nonetheless I figured I should really attempt more than just 24 hours and messaged G for some guidance...Day 1 completed.

Long story short,12 weeks down the line I am 1 stone lighter, ridiculously more knowledgeable about food, have not once felt 'deprived' or 'starved', HAPPY and for the first time in my life feel pretty damn sexy.

Moral of the story is, I am the most unorganised, all over the place human even I know, but with Gianni's ridiculously impeccable support and non-complicated guidance I can honestly say I'm the most confident in myself that I ever have been!...and I even went through with the photoshoot!

G - You're a bloody life changer!