Gents 8 week Fat Loss gym program for intermediate/advanced.

An 8 week program of gym workouts and menu guides

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Subject Details

Our 8 Week Fat Loss Program is for intermediate to advanced gym goers.

This would be ideal for anyone that needs a sharp pick up to make some awesome changes in a short time frame. 

The 8 weeks is very much a lock in to get maximal results to bring out the best in you!

What you Get:

  • Downloadable Training Plan
  • Downloadable Suggested Menus
  • Cardio and Step Protocol
  • Video instruction on how to workout your Macros and track your own food
  • Video detailing about supplementation, hydration & sodium and scale weight

We have also included a bonus video around managing socials.

This isn't a program that we recommend to follow as a long term approach with regards to the nutrition guidelines.This is for a quick blast. as a kick start or a set event. You could follow the training for longer, however we wouldn't recommend to follow the nutrition for any more than the proposed 8 weeks.

For longer term health and fitness goals that's for our lead program monthly membership which you can find out more here.


Subject Length: 8 weeks

Category: Mens Fat Loss