Client Testimonials

We’re proud of the dedication, hard work and results gained by our clients.

  • 12 Weeks

    Jane Leach

    The perfect fitness Mentor!

    I have recently completed a 12 week fitness photoshoot program with Gianni as my online Fitness Coach. He provided me with a nutrition and training plan, and was on hand via Whatsapp messenger and through a private Facebook group to provide me with guidance, motivation and support every step of the way.

    The weekly on-line check-ins kept me on track, and his feedback was invaluable. His wealth of knowledge, respectful temperament and down to earth approach is very inspiring!I chose to do the photoshoot program as I wanted to step out of my comfort zone, and ‘up my game’’. I am so glad I did, as I now have the photographic evidence of my progress, and it makes all the hard work worthwhile! Ultimately, I wanted abs. I got abs. . . . and a whole lot more!

    I am now the leanest and strongest that I have been in my entire life (not bad for a 42 year old with previous bad back issues, a Mother of 2 young children and full time office worker).
    If I can consistently follow Gianni’s program and get results, then anyone can!

    As Gianni would say ‘Those who use what is given to them will get the progress’.

  • 12 Weeks

    Aaron Sharman

    Gianni did me a 12 week diet program which I was hesitant about doing as I assumed my performances in the gym would decrease, as a result I found myself losing nearly a stone and my performances and strength have increased!

    Any time I had a query or wanted to change something on my diet he was always on hand and extremely enthusiastic to change anything to suit me. I couldn’t recommend him enough

  • 16 Weeks

    Meghan Pilley

    Had such a great experience working with Gianni to reduce body fat and maintain lean muscle, in order to benefit my athletics.

    He was extremely professional, knowledgeable and dedicated to my progress. He spent lots of time creating my plans and was flexible in making changes where necessary.

    He made regular contact and updates and was very positive throughout.

    I have learnt a lot from him and I am looking forward to working with him again.

  • 12 Weeks

    Matthew Brand

    I have just completed 12 weeks on a nutrition plan.

    My only real goal was to be better with my nutrition. I never thought in such a small amount of time I’d see the changes I have. What you put in is what you get out and I now have the tools to make things work for me.

    G’s positive attitude, knowledge and dedication to client progress really makes you strive to do your best and you never feel like you are on your own.

    Not only have I seen improvements in the gym but also my lifestyle. I would highly recommend Gianni!

  • 14 Weeks

    Daniel Maddocks

    I started out with Gianni in March, I was really unsure at first but eventually reached out and messaged him and it was the best decision I’ve ever made!

    I told him what I wanted to gain from it and I got that and more, his planning, knowledge and attention to detail is spot on.

    Always on hand for any issues or questions I had no matter how many I asked.

    I came away the best shape I’ve ever been in and with a knowledge and understanding of how to eat right and track my food on my own to go hand in hand with my training

    10/10 highly recommend!

  • 8 Weeks

    Kyle Casement


    Came to Gianni after an injury, I was at my heaviest, weakest and was in a bad habit of eating all the wrong things! In the time spent on his online program, I have dropped a shed load of body fat and gained strength! Not only that, I’ve toned but biggest of all learned a massive amount about nutrition and keeping a controlled diet with minimal effort. I can now enjoy eating out, nights out and the odd take away without any effect! Along the way it was so easy to keep on track with his program and track my progress, never at any point did I feel I was going backwards with the easy online check-ins and great response from personal messages! Now I’m in a good controlled place, with a change of habit and lifestyle!

    I would recommend to anyone wanting to make a change, I can vouch as to how much better I feel for it!

  • 16 weeks

    Charlie Burton

    Gianni was amazing through every step of the process. He was always available for help and advice both via message and in person. He really goes above and beyond to ensure you see the results you want.

  • 12 weeks


    I've completed 1 year of online coaching with Gianni and a 12 week photoshoot prep into December. I've not looked back! Gianni has provided me with all the tools to completely transform my physique. His professionalism, dedication and motivation is second too none.

    I can't wait to carry on with Gianni's online training and photo prep next year.

  • 12 weeks


    I am a nurse in a busy hospital, there are many shift problems. I am physically and mentally busy during my days. Thanks to Gianni he has given me many possibilities to achieve my physical goals. Having a coach like him to ensure I hit my workouts and diet by having flexible options for the job I do.

    He is always available 24/7, he is not simply a coach who helps you achieve your desired physical goals, but also takes the psychological profile into consideration. Anyone with a stressful work commitments but are willing to commit to their physical & mental goals; Gianni can really help you with this process.

    He is a great motivator and is professional, he knows the start and knows very well how to finish.

  • 12 weeks


    Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd attempt a '12 week transformation', mainly due to thinking I'd never fully be able to commit due to normal life constraints - work, social gatherings, my love of beer! However, I hesitantly contacted Gianni about his up and coming 12 week course back in January after an over indulged Christmas, and before I knew it I'd signed up to what seemed like the most daunting experience (in my eyes!) I could imagine!

    Day 1 arrives and I'm bricking it wondering 'what have I signed up for' and immediately felt defeated and overwhelmed. Nonetheless I figured I should really attempt more than just 24 hours and messaged G for some guidance...Day 1 completed.

    Long story short,12 weeks down the line I am 1 stone lighter, ridiculously more knowledgeable about food, have not once felt 'deprived' or 'starved', HAPPY and for the first time in my life feel pretty damn sexy.

    Moral of the story is, I am the most unorganised, all over the place human even I know, but with Gianni's ridiculously impeccable support and non-complicated guidance I can honestly say I'm the most confident in myself that I ever have been!...and I even went through with the photoshoot!

    G - You're a bloody life changer!

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